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Jimmy Mezei is a Canadian interdisciplinary artist, designer, and builder. He lives and works out of Brooklyn, NY. The construction skills he learned building pools at his summer job while an undergraduate gave him a general understanding of many fabrication processes he still uses in his practice today. A mix of craft-based / D.I.Y. making techniques inform his current work, which ranges from large-scale installations to pocket-sized publications. He received his Bachelor of Design from OCAD University in Toronto. In 2016 Jimmy was selected to take part in the Designer in Residence program through the Analog Research Lab in Menlo Park, California. He recently earned his MFA at School of Visual Arts in New York City.


Tactility requires presence.

I use physical materials to emphasize a focus on the now, making projects that encourage slowing down to offset an increasingly digital existence. Growing up with a mom who could make anything fostered an early interest in working with my hands and an affinity for craft-based arts. A modern art influence came after my BFA, when I met my late father-in-law who was a painter. For him, art was an all-encompassing approach to life—a Modernist way of seeing. I’m able to better understand and articulate my own experience by exploring and conflating these influences. The act of making is something I use as a means for discovery and often do so to contrast the more rigid and traditional aspects within my practice. I’m enamoured by the everyday objects that surround us, offering a glimpse into how one makes a space a home. I use all this to make immersive installations, and experimental publications that encourage creative accessibility.