Build 003
initial installation in my studio

Go Figure

This project is a tool for tactile installations. Conceived as a modular sculpture system, Go Figure is able to adapt to any space. It operates primarily as a dimensional drawing device (an easy-to-build system of wood and custom metal brackets that a person or group can use to draw in space). This work is my way of using the varied processes I’m drawn to and influenced by to build spaces and objects that play with motifs—from domestic space to construction site—intertwining historically gendered materials, luxury and lowbrow items, to confuse and question our established associations. With its DIY nature and the transparency of its construction, this piece is an invitation. Its bones are a tool for collaboration (as seen in the video below).
The challenge of making physical work within the space available in New York City and an interest in the idea of a democratic form, led this project to be as malleable as possible. Although the aesthetics call on commercially produced goods, the contents were all hand made. From the wood braces—laminated, shaped, painted and waxed—to the quilted tarps, hand-printed silk textiles, and varied panels. The work is not meant to be reproduced—it's meant to grow. It’s still very much in progress and will continue to evolve.

My thesis presentation is below, along with an extended look at the collaborative building process. 

Video - Juan Bravo
Music - Nate Appel
Quilting -  Elizabeth Miklejohn
3D Modeling - Chester Dols
Builders (in the video)  - Daniel Arturo Almeida,
Chester Dols, Nell Jocelyn,Hannah Jocelyn,
Lexie Kline, Jamie Mcintosh, and Weston Rivel

Three custom powder-coated steel brackets, in multiple formations
Fusion 360 model of the brackets

Cart build 001
Build 001 (top right)
Cart build 002

Build 002